Workshops Conducted

  • Conducted Workshop on Hindi and ICT for Secondary Hindi Educators, DAV, Pailles, organized by World Hindi Secretariat, 22-25 July 2013
  • Resource Person in conducting various workshops nationally on Hindi, ICT, Blogging, Website & Online Opportunities, organized by the World Hindi Secretariat, 2010 till date.
  • Resource Person for an International Workshop on Hindi ICT, E-Journalism and Blogging organized by the World Hindi Secretariat at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, 23-27 April 2012.
  • Conducted a workshop on Hindi and ICT: new perspectives with students of SC & HSC, Friendship College, 23 Feb 2011.

Articles Presented in Seminars/Conferences

  1.  Attended an international conference on Hindi Studies at INALCO, Paris, France from 14 to 16 September 2016, organized by the INALCO in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India & presented Paper on The usage of ICT and creation of OERs in the teaching of Hindi in Mauritius: A Critical Assessment
  2. Presented a Paper on Ram aur Krishna Bhakti ki Sarvabhawmikta: Mauritius ka sandarbh, International Conference on Ram aur Krishna Bhakti Sahitya, organized by KES Shroff College, University of Mumbai, India, 12-13 Dec 2014. Also, Chaired Session 4 of the conference.
  3. Presentation of Ram Katha Ka Vaishwik Sandarbh: Mauritius ke Pariprekshya mein, during an International Conference organized by Sahityik Shodh Sanstha from Mumbai in collaboration with MGI, 09 Jan 2015.
  4. Presented a paper on Issues depicted in Contemporary Hindi Short Stories (1990-2000) in an International Conference at Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, University of Mumbai, 18 July 2011.
  5. Presented a paper on Online Hindi Journalism: a Platform for Creative Communication, International Conference organized by the World Hindi Secretariat, 12 Jan 2011.
  6. Presented a paper on Vishwa Hindi Sahitya aur Mauritius (World Hindi Literature & Mauritius), National Seminar organized by the Hindi Speaking Union at the MGI, 28 Nov 2009.
  7. PowerPoint Presentation on Abhimanyu Unnuth at UPIM, Municipality of Port Louis, 09 Oct 2008. Followed by 2 PowerPoint presentations on A. Unnuth (Part I & Part II) at the Municipality of Rose Hill. 08 Dec 2009 & 15 Dec 2009
  8. Presented on Education numérique et la création des REL dans l’enseignement et apprentissage des langues asiatiques au MGI : partage d’expériences, workshop on OSS 2015: Apprentissage 3.0 – Logiciels Libres et Ouverts, Mauritius Institute of Education, 16 Sept 2015
  9. Presented a Paper on Moodle Experience and Creation of OERs in Asian Languages at the MGI: A Visionary Approach, during a Multi-Disciplinary Workshop on Emerging Trends in Education: Technology, Research & Curriculum, organized by the Language Resource Centre, MGI, 09-22 July 2014.
  10. Presented a paper on The need for Modern Technologies in all spheres of Hindi: An Evaluation of the Mauritian Context at the International Conference/Workshop organized by the World Hindi Secretariat at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, 23 April 2012.
  11. Places, Place Names, Pictures, Paintings & Monuments: Visual Culture & Memory – paper presented/read during the Conference on the ‘Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s Visit to Mauritius’ in 30 Oct 2001 (MGI).
  12. Paper presented on Language, Globalisation and Communication – The Hindi Language issue on United Nations’ Day at Central Institute of Hindi organised by Mitra Society and Central Institute of Hindi, Oct 2005.
  13. Presented a paper on Dalit Sahitya: Moolyaankan (An Analysis of the Dalit Literature), Sahitya Samvad function organised by the High Commission of India at the MGI, 21 Mar 2009.
  14. Presented a Research Paper on Hindi Shikshan ke Kshetra mein Prashikshan (The importance of Training in the teaching of Hindi Language) at a national conference organized by the Hindi Speaking Union at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (I.G.C.I.C) on 10 August 2007.
  15. Presented a paper entitled Hindi: Vishva Star par on World Hindi Day in a seminar organised at the Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, Jan 2006.